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Smarter Hiring

Not getting enough applicants for your open job vacancies or getting too many applicants for not the right jobs? Learn how to qualify your applicants for multiple jobs.

In a competitive market, it’s critical to have a process, that you know works, to qualify and retain applicants for other jobs. Don’t disqualify applicants just so they can apply for jobs with your competitors. Keep them, engage them, train them, promote them. Repeat.

Before the interview

​Is it more important to know if an applicant can do a job or is it more important to know how well an applicant will succeed in a job? 
Learn how to qualify applicants for multiple jobs using a patented and informed data driven process. This process looks at the whole person and not merely their knowledge, skills, and cognitive abilities. Skills can be taught, but when push comes to shove, we always default to who we are naturally. Learn how to tap into their natural strengths and match them with the right job for long term success! 

Hire the right people for the right jobs using data to make an informed decision that gives confidence in your interviewing and in your offers!

Maximize your investment and your return and learn how to use your assessments and data to:

  • qualify applicants for more than one job

  • develop succession plans

  • design fast tracking programs

  • build developmental programs

  • create job share programs

  • upskill employees

  • anticipate staffing needs

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Real Experience, Real Results

Julie Hawk has 10+ years of experience in learning and development and performance improvement in a corporate environment. Her motto is simple, "Same people, different results." 
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