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Candidate Screening and Selection

I use a patented, systematic Job Benchmarking process to identify and define the specific job requirements. Before interviewing prospective candidates, your Talent Development Team has the ability to run a report that compares all prospective candidates to each other AND to the job requirements that were identified. The report provides a candidate risk fit of excellent, good, fair, or poor for each candidate when compared to the job. 

Job Benchmarking in Screening and Selection 

Calculate the Cost of a "Bad" Hire

The consequences of selecting and hiring the wrong person for a job are steep! They negatively impact morale, customer and client satisfaction, business referrals, decreased productivity, and so much more! 

Learn how much your "bad" hire is costing you using the calculator. 

Calculate Savings

Average Job Posting Cost

It costs an average of $170-$495+ per job per month for one job...

(Source: LinkedIn)

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