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 "Hawks provide wisdom about seeing situations from a higher perspective, using the power of observation, and focusing on the task at hand. Hawks provide a clear and focused vision to guide your action."

Julie Hawk has 10+ years of experience in learning and development and performance improvement in a corporate environment. She is results-oriented and offers creative design solutions for companies and employees that differentiate their current results. Her motto is "Same people, different results." 

Professional Certifications

MS in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning | BS in Management and Business Information Systems | Institute of Organizational Development | RealTime Coaching Coach | TTI Certified Analyst in Behaviors (DISC) | TTI Certified Analyst in Driving Forces (Motivators) | Board of Directors with ATD Treasure Valley

Julie Full Upper Body September 2020.jpg

Julie Hawk

Working With Julie

 Julie's motto is simple, "Same people, different results." She teaches companies and employees to learn how to tap into their innate behaviors and motivators - the core of who we are as humans. She believes the way we present ourselves to others and the why behind our actions can provide profound insight into helping to support employees passion and purpose, building their confidence, developing new skills, and being part of a experience that is in alignment with themselves and their company's strategies and goals. 


When leaders learn these characteristics, that every human innately possesses, they can better understand how to their support employees career aspirations by leveraging what they do well naturally and align that with positions internal to the company. Job skills can be always be trained, but in stressful situations, when people are truly themselves, they default to their usual self, so why not leverage what they do naturally. 

Julie's Communication Style (The Observable)

When partnering with Julie, you can expect her communication style to look somewhat like...


  • being deadline conscious

  • using direct communication

  • having a positive sense of humor

  • using creative problem solving

  • being fast-paced and action-oriented 

  • motivating others and creating momentum

  • accomplishing goals through people

  • being a big picture thinker

Julie's Intrinsic Motivators (The Non-Observable)


When working with Julie, know she is intrinsically motivated by...

  • learning new things - concepts, ideas, ways of doing things, research, benchmarking

  • maximizing your investment in every possible way

  • working within an environment that is functional and practical

  • being very mindful of how time and resources are used

  • participating in collaborative conversations that leave open the possibility of doing things differently to achieve different results

  • questioning existing methods, processes, procedures, and structures that have produced the same outcome or result

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