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Hawk Performance Solutions uses a patented process that helps you hire the right people for the right jobs using data to make informed decisions that gives you confidence in your selection process and offers.
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The Process

Data Driven Hiring

Using a patented, informed data driven process, your recruiters will administer assessments to applicants to learn their innate on the job workplace behaviors, intrinsic motivators, and proficiency in 25 common workplace job competencies. 

Job interview

Easily Compare Applicants

Once the assessment is completed, your recruiters will run a report that compares the applicants with the job they applied for and with other jobs your company has available. This allows you to learn if certain applicants are better qualified for more than one job or for a job that they hadn't even considered. 

New job

Find The Best Fit

From the report, your recruiters will see how well applicants match the job requirements and where performance gaps exists. The report shows the applicant's job risk fit. In other words, how good of a fit are applicants for the job and how do applicants compare with each other for same the job.

Asian woman having a job interview

Hire With Confidence

Recruiters provide a list of applicant recommendations, and how well they match the job requirements, to the hiring manager with a list of job specific interview questions.

Check out the videos below to see a demonstration of the applicant and job matching report process. 

“On average, employers look at resumes for six to seven seconds.” (Source Indeed)

How much time do your recruiters spend reviewing applications and resumes? 

Learn how to qualify your candidates for more than one job using a patented and informed data driven process that identifies how well candidates match the job requirements. Learn candidate's job risk fit - excellent match to poor fit.

Candidate Job Match

The data in the graphic shows the job requirements compared to the candidate qualifications. The colors reflect how well the applicant matches with the job requirements - blue being excellent match and red being poor compatibility.

Given this information, the hiring manager can discern how critical is it that the candidate has poor compatibility with the most important job competency, Futuristic Thinking. They can also see the performance gaps and the areas of expertise as they relate specifically to the job.

The new hire onboarding can be expedited with more emphasis on closing performance gaps and leveraging job competencies with proficiency.
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Feel reassured knowing you have a process that takes the guesswork out of screening, selection, and extending offers process! 

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